Finance Council

Canon 537 -Each parish is to have a finance council which is regulated by universal laws as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop; in this council the Christian faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods with due regard for the prescription of can. 532.  Canon 532 states the pastor represents the parish in all juridic affairs in accord with the norm of law; he is to see to it that the goods of the parish are administered in accord with the norms of cannon 1281-1288. (Code of Cannon Law)

Finance Council Members:

Lee Toole; Chairman,Jared Carrubba, Gonzalo Castillo, Anita Gusmus, Kathy Pizza, Sam Sliman, Mark Williams

Finance Council Minutes:  

Contact Information
Office: 662-842-4881 Fax: 662-842-3681                                        email: Parish Office hours: Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM Friday from 8:30 AM– 12 noon  

Online Giving

St. James now offers OnLineGiving! Please review our new option to help support our parish collections.  Simply click on the link below, go to the secure website and sign up for a new account. Thank you for your generosity and support to St. James Parish Life!

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